About Us

Dream Farm has been offering 30 years of experience in the sector to its customers with the fastest and best quality solutions since its foundation.

Based on 30 years of experience with our professional team, we supply the best quality fresh vegetables, fruits and organic products directly from production farms, orchards and greenhouses. As Dream Farm, it is among our priorities to ensure that all farmers who we have contracted with produce in accordance with good agricultural practices and sustainable agricultural criteria under the control of the Agricultural Engineers in the business of our partners.

They are among our indispensable principles to select the best orchard for all kinds of products, to check according to certain parameters after the products are harvested, to pack them upon the requests of our customers and to deliver them carefully to the customers in Europe, Russia and Middle East countries through cold chain distribution system after the transactions of precooling and conservation in cold storage room are carried out.

You can contact us to take a look at the Dream Farm products and for detailed information.